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my revised analytical paper

A Day In Autumn

It will not always be like this,

the air windless, a few last

Leaves adding their decoration

to the trees’ shoulders, braiding the cuffs

of the boughs with gold; a bird preening

in the lawns mirror. Having looked up

from the days chores, pause a minute,

Let the mind take its photograph

Of the bright scene, something to wear

Against the heart in the long cold.


An analysis of “A day in autumn”

In the poem “A day in autumn” R.S Thomas uses different types of descriptive language, such as  metaphors;  “The trees shoulders” and “Let the mind take its photograph” as well as saying that the leaves are “braiding the cuffs of the boughs with gold”. And even though there are no similes or rhyme scheme, but it is still very well written. The theme of the poem is that autumn is the warm happiness before the cold dread of winter. All the descriptive language and metaphors all support this idea. He refers to the leaves as gold, and the evening is windless compared to the winter, which is windy dark, and freezing.

 He mentions the one leftover bird looking at himself in the lawn mirror, and this gives the reader the impression that the bird is cleaning and admiring itself in the mirror.  In the last line, he uses a metaphor that is very well written, “Let the mind take its photograph of the bright scene, something to wear against the heart in the long cold” this gives the reader a good picture in their minds of holding a memory close, to remind you that better things come if you wait for them.

I believe that he was trying to portray fall as a warm happy time of joy and peace for the heart. Instead of talking about how cold and despairing winter is, he tried to give hope by describing how warm and happy autumn is. He uses metaphors all over the place, alongside descriptive imagery.  His metaphors describe the mind as a camera, the leaves as gold, and memories as clothes that can warm your heart in the cold frozenness of winter.

It was all well planned and written, very good use of metaphors and imagery and overall well worded. I like this poem because it gives a nice feeling to autumn that usually isn’t there, for instance, most people don’t like fall, or think it’s too cold, or too still, or don’t like the brown leaves and all the raking they have to do, but I quite like it-fall I mean-because it has a certain…..warmness in its cold.


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